3 Reasons a Patient May File a Claim Against Your Healthcare Company

3 Reasons a Patient May File a Claim Against Your Healthcare Company

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Healthcare providers offer a variety of services to aid in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with a wide range of symptoms. A dissatisfied patient may choose to sue the provider. Ensure you are covered with an Axis health insurance policy that covers professional liability.


A patient can file a suit claiming that you or your staff misrepresented something on the claim form or to them. Types of misrepresentations seen on filed claims include:

  • Provider of service
  • Location of service
  • Dates of service


There has been a greater awareness of prescription drug abuse in recent years. A provider who provides unnecessary or the wrong prescription to patients increases their liabilities. Prescription drug companies who offer kickbacks to doctor’s who refer their patients to use their medicine increase the provider’s liability.


The billing department should only file insurance claims for services rendered. If the service is not covered under the current policy, filing the visit as a covered service can result in a lawsuit. While a patient may not mind not having to pay their copay or deductible, not collecting those can result in a claim filed against you.

Accidents and mistakes happen regardless of the industry you work in. With all the moving pieces in healthcare, having an Axis health insurance policy offers coverage of many exposures due to errors or omissions.