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3 Ways To Grow Your Taxi Bookings

With still competition in the rideshare industry, boosting your taxi bookings makes a difference between profit and loss. Private ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have transformed the ways consumers view transportation, and the use of smartphones and apps has increased accessibility to these services. There several things that can be done to increase taxi bookings with your company.

1. Develop an Online Presence

Consumers rely on digital connectivity for just about everything, including how they want to research and book personal transportation. Without an attractive, functional and high-ranking website and social network accounts, you are already far behind the competition.

2. Make Use of Targeted Advertising

Let technology go to work for you. Running algorithms on data gathered from customer preferences and behaviors will bring a laser focus to your target market. Rely on a variety of advertisements across multiple platforms to get your message in front of them. Pay per Click campaigns and social media are two fantastic ways to achieve this end.

3. Increase Recruiting Efforts

Another way to increase taxi bookings for your company is by hiring drivers. The more drivers you have available on the road, the more opportunities you have for growth. Be sure your company is well-branded with a logo and slogan across your drivers and booking platforms to develop brand recognition and loyalty.

Don’t get outpaced by the competition. Take another look at your operations and strategize on how to increase your bookings and revenue.

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Classic and Vintage Cars: What Is the Difference?

Are you interested in old car collection? Then you will need to familiarize yourself with many concepts and terms. As you enter this world, you might hear the terms “classic cars” and “vintage cars.” Even though they sound interchangeable, they have significant differences. Find out more about vintage vs classic cars and why those differences matter.

Classic Cars

Classic cars are newer than their category implies. A vehicle considered classic needs to be at least 20 years old. Organizations such as the Classic Car Club of America have greater restrictions. They believe a classic car must be created around 1915-1948, stay unmodified and be maintained to high standards set by the manufacturer’s specs.

Vintage Cars

The term “vintage car” is applied to old cars, but it covers a specific car category. Vintage cars were created around 1919-1930, the time period after World War I. They are sometimes associated with pre-war cars, but some of those cars were manufactured up to 1939.

The Importance 

Some insurance providers follow these differences, so it is important to learn them when insuring vehicles. However, indicates that many companies also use those terms without distinction or have their own specific definitions. You will need to stay flexible and adapt to their terms.

Classic and vintage cars may mean the same to most people or insurers, but they have their distinctions. Learn the differences to show your expertise and choose the right insurance plan.