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Commercial Laundry Insurance

Important Insurance Needs Most Businesses Overlook

If you own a commercial laundry business, you have a lot to think about when it comes to the right insurance. Everything from customer’s expensive garments to the indispensable equipment for your business – there’s a lot at stake. Fortunately, the right I can cover all your business needs. While you may already know about general liability and equipment coverage, there may be some other important areas that you’ve missed when it comes to commercial laundry insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance

An unexpected event can strike without warning and cause you to shut down your business for a time. With this type of insurance, you won’t have to worry about lost revenue. Based on your previous records, you will be provided with a temporary income stream.

Employment Practices Liability Coverage

If you run the show by yourself, you typically won’t have to worry about this type of insurance. If you’ve ever had employees, however, this provides protection in the event that you are sued by one of them. According to, there are guidelines who can help you find and hire the right employee. Even then, however, there’s no guarantee that you will never face a lawsuit.

Worker’s Compensation 

If you have employees, most states will require that you have some sort of worker’s compensation plan. This helps pay lost wages and medical costs for employees who are injured on the job.

No matter what type of business you own – coin-op or dry cleaning – you want to make sure your business is completely protected.