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Top Tip for Retaining Volunteers

If you’re running or managing a non-profit, chances are that you rely heavily upon help from volunteers. And since all volunteers need to be trained in order to properly perform services for your business, it makes sense to try and keep the volunteers you have instead of having to constantly train new personnel.

But how can you keep them inspired, motivated, and coming back to help again and again over time? There are many things you can do, but following is the number one thing you can do that will help you to retain existing volunteers.

Express Your Gratitude

People need to feel appreciated. And when someone is donating their time and energy to support a non-profit or special event, a little gratitude goes a long way. Volunteer retention can be as simple as saying “thank you.”

Be straightforward with your appreciation and praise, and always be genuine about it – say thank you and tell someone that they’ve done a great job. Communicating openly with your volunteers and letting them know that their work is appreciated is the number one thing you can do to keep them coming back. Make sure to create an atmosphere of appreciation right from the beginning.

Volunteers like to know that their work is meaningful, and they will be more motivated if you remind them just how meaningful their contribution is to you.

Employee Benefits Trends To Watch in 2021

Offering your employees an exceptional benefits package can help you attract and retain top talent. Changing expectations can be difficult to track. Understanding employee benefits trends 2021 can help you determine what to focus on.

Types of Perks

The idea of the typical workplace is rapidly evolving. There is more emphasis on employees’ overall health and home life. The number of remote workers has risen drastically, and many companies are embracing flexible work. As opposed to prior years, benefits plans are now more likely to include perks such as:

  • Telehealth
  • Pet insurance
  • Mental health prioritization
  • Caregiving support


Your company is unique and so are the employees who make it a success. Consider your company’s culture and the demographic of the staff members when customizing a plan. Offer plans that meet your employee’s needs without containing unneeded extras.

For example, your company may encourage workers to bring pets to the office. In that case, pet insurance, discounts with local trainers, paid time off to volunteer at local animal shelters or other perks related to animals may be popular.

Flexibility is key when figuring out what type of benefits to offer. Plans that were expected several decades ago are no longer considered adequate, and it is likely that changes will happen in the future.

commercial cleaning contractors

Insuring Commercial Cleaning Contractors Against Liability and Loss

Commercial cleaners need a broad spectrum of policy lines when they build an insurance package because they face many different kinds of liability exposure in the course of their operations. Careful policy development, thorough staff training, and comprehensive policy endorsements are integral parts of a comprehensive risk management plan that can protect cleaning contractors from liability and loss.

Liability Coverage

Coverage for cleaning contractors needs to address the possibility of property damage that can occur as a result of working on someone else’s property. Coverage needs to include other individuals’ personal and real property, medical expenses, workmanship, and also any potential defense costs associated with a claim against the company.

Business Protection

Commercial cleaning contractors need to protect their equipment, business premises, and employees. They may be required to carry workers’ compensation coverage to cover medical costs for injuries that employees sustain while working.

Auto Insurance

Cleaning contractors may need to carry auto insurance above state minimum to ensure that it will be protected in the event of an accident. It’s essential that they be able to repair or replace vehicles as soon as possible in order to continue serving their clients.

Commercial cleaning contractors need to seek out help from insurance carriers that offer programs specifically designed to serve their industry. Expert guidance can help a company make well-informed policy elections to safeguard their operations.

Merrimac Marine

What is Maritime Employers Liability?

Operating a business that involves boats can create an array of unique risks for your company. Insurance needs vary greatly with maritime organizations, meaning you need to give yourself time to investigate the ins and outs of your options. One area to focus on is Maritime Employers Liability. Also known as MEL, this is a service that can be a huge asset when it comes to providing your clients and employees with an extra level of protection.

Unique Risks

The experts at Merrimac Marine have reported that there are a number of key areas business owners need to understand when selecting this type of coverage. For one, this is a policy that will protect employees even when they are on boats owned by others. When you work with a lot of clients, this type of protection can be a huge help. Workers who should consider this type of protection include:
Artisan contractors
Scientific researchers
Drilling workers
Marine construction workers

Assess Your Needs

Assessing the specific risks posed to your business can be a smart way to go about selecting the right coverage. In order to provide the right level of protection to your employees, give yourself time to look over the unique issues that might arise for your business and your employees. This will help guide you to a policy that can offer you comprehensive coverage against the unknown.