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Three Tricks For Your New Laundromat

Congratulations on opening your brand new laundry business! Starting a company is no small feat, and the beginning stages are always the most precarious as an entrepreneur. Set yourself up for success so that you are in business for many years ahead of you.

Coverage For Your Business

Small business coverage is essential. If you were to face a lawsuit without insurance, you run a very real risk of losing everything that you have worked so hard for. Check out more information on to learn about the best packages that are specific to laundromats and laundry businesses.

Online Marketing

Take your advertising out of the newspaper and onto the internet. Supporting small businesses is a huge movement in the United States right now, and consumers want to shop locally. Platforms like social media and a stunning website are two great ways to draw in a local crowd.

Clean and Tidy

Your business is laundry, and dirty laundry is gross. Set your establishment apart from the competition by focusing on keeping it as clean and sanitary as possible. Sweep or mop any spills, regularly disinfect machines and ensure that the place doesn’t smell funky. It makes more of a difference then you realize!

Laundry never stops, which makes your business a pretty lucrative one. Figure out the best ways to make your laundromat shine in comparison to others’ to rake in more clientele.

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Tips for New Laundry Businesses

Venturing into any new business is no small feat. With the work that it takes to start up, provide quality customer service and run a business ethically and legally, it can be a challenge. However, it can be rewarding to provide a valuable service to the community and run your own business on your terms. Before starting a laundry business, be sure to cover all your bases to ensure your success.

Before Opening

Before officially launching your business, it is important to plan, and be realistic about the costs associated with this type of service. It can be helpful to consider the following during the planning stages

Services and vendors for equipment needing repairs or replacement

How to handle and store money from cash transactions

How the cost of utilities can affect the bill each month

Customer Service

They say that “the customer is king” for a reason. Without high customer satisfaction, you may find you business fizzling out over time. Try to make your business stand out from competitors and give customers incentives to choose yours over the rest. Most of all, providing consistent, high-quality service can create clients for life.

Legal Considerations

When starting a laundry business, it is very important things to consider is how to protect your assets, finances, customers and employees. Getting business insurance tailor-made for those in the laundry businesses can help ease these concerns and identify other exposures you may have not even considered. Speak to an agent today to get started.

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Deciding Which Commercial Truck Policies Benefit You Most

Commercial truck insurance can be tailored to your specific needs based on the business type and duties, potential risks you may encounter, the number of trucks in your fleet, and whether or not trucks are driven across state lines. You’re best off speaking with an experienced independent insurance agent, one that will ensure that your business obtains the best possible coverage for its unique needs.


Basic options for commercial truck coverage


There are numerous factors to consider when insuring your truck with commercial truck insurance in Texas. Liability insurance is mandatory as it will pay for any damage you or your employees might cause while operating the vehicles. Driving without this policy is an offense likely to result in heavy penalties and fines. You may also opt to purchase physical damage coverage. While not a legal requirement, this insurance covers the truck against perils like fire, theft, and flood damage.


Motor truck cargo insurance covers the load you’re carrying. It isn’t mandatory but some shipping companies are likely to insist upon it. Bobtail insurance is also popular among some companies that regularly use trucks in their daily operations. Also known as deadhead, or non-trucking liability, this policy, while not required, pays for property damage or injuries caused while the trailer is detached from your truck. For example, if an employee drops off their load and trailer and is then involved in an accident, while in transit, on their way to picking up their next load.


An independent insurance agent can provide you with side-by-side comparisons of different commercial truck insurance in Texas for clients based on business needs. Your quote will be primarily based on the type of trucks, the number of drivers you employ and their current driving records, what items will be transported (hazardous, non-hazardous), the number of miles driven annually, and length of travel (interstate versus intrastate).


This all plays an important role in determining the best type of insurance, the amounts of coverage, the costs you’ll pay for premiums, and deductibles you’ll pay based on what you decide you’ll want to pay in the event of a claim. Get a quote today.

PEO insurance

Guard Your Staffing Firm Against Financial Losses

As part of your risk management operations, PEO insurance is a vital component. This type of coverage can come in many options and formats, tooled to protect against losses that could easily number in the millions of dollars. Understanding its place in your firm’s future strategies can help you select the right products for your business.

A Wide Range of Options

Simply put, PEO insurance is vital for companies like yours that provide complete HR solutions. Because of the very nature of your business, your interaction with clients opens you up to all sorts of liability situations. Whether you have employees providing services on your clients’ properties or acting as authorized agents for them, or you’re managing benefits plans, payroll and other employee management tasks, you need a hedge against losses from liability claims. Fiduciary liability, owned auto policies, property and inland marine are just a few examples of valuable coverages you can include in your total package.

Your PEO insurance solution should be customized to meet your firm’s needs. With multifarious products available, creating a specific package for your company is an excellent way to hedge against financial risk. Your agent should be able to help select products that protect your firm and bring you peace of mind.

apartment insurance in Palm Beach

Importance of Apartment Insurance In Palm Beach

Having apartment insurance in Palm Beach is important because you want to be prepared for emergencies. One of the biggest reasons for this insurance is theft. If a theft occurs, this kind of insurance will help you to recover some of your losses so that you can replace your items. For example, if a burglary occurs, you will contact your insurance company, provide them with a list of the missing items and they will issue compensation based on the total value. Personal injury is another reason for this type of insurance and a reason most people do not think about. If someone gets insured in your home, this insurance will help to cover any liability you might have for the person’s injuries.

Water damage and fire damage are two other examples of what apartment insurance in Palm Beach will help to cover. Water and fire damage are, unfortunately, a risk when you live in an apartment because you not only need to worry about your apartment but those around you too. If water or fire damage your place and belongings, this insurance helps to cover the costs associated with repairs and replacing your damaged items. As you can see, carrying this type of insurance is something that all apartment dwellers should consider.

Employment Practices and The Need For Staffing Insurance

The staffing industry is unique due to the fact that those hired work for outside firms, as opposed to the company that originally hired them. At the same time, these companies have many of the same risks as other types of entities since they share the responsibility of having employees that report to them. Issues in relation to employment practices spring up from time to time which makes the need for staffing insurance a must to address these concerns. The company can also benefit from additional policies that directly relate to contract work and temporary staff employees.


Temporary staffing agency liability concerns

A temporary staffing agency, or any business using the services of a staffing agency needs insurance that covers liability issues. This will provide coverage for claims arising from wrongful acts of a temp employee, or independent contractor, within the scope of the duties of their job. This is the policy that fills any potential gaps in a commercial general liability (CGL) policy.

For example, if a temp agency places a temp worker at a place of business and the temp is responsible for an injury to another person, the agency will be covered by their liability policy but would not likely be covered by a CGL policy.


Employment Practices is vital insurance for this industry

Another important coverage that all companies, including staffing agencies, need to have in place is employment practices, which is needed when an employee claims they were unfairly treated. Allegations range from harassment and discrimination, to unfair hiring practices, as well as any claims that should be investigated by the human resources department.

The properly screening of job candidates is an important step in reducing employment practices claims. It’s important to find the right fit, but this is a process that usually takes time and should be performed in a proper manner. Staffing agencies must work hard to find workers who are, not only qualified for the position, but will successfully assimilate into their new place of employment. Asking the right questions during the initial interview process is key to finding people that are right for the job.

The point of the interview process is to maximize the quality of information obtained from a candidate, which also requires an intimate knowledge of what can and cannot legally be asked of the applicant. By asking the wrong questions, the interviewer can leave the agency open to staffing insurance risks.