Film Production Safety

Film Production Safety

No matter the size of the feature, all filming sites have some potential risks. Before you run into liability troubles, take the time to assess the potential hazards on a film set such as these top sources of preventable injury.

Tripping, Lifting and Falling

Often ignored as clumsiness, the risk of injury from tripping, lifting and falling are more common than any other type of injury at a film site. Before bringing people on set, double-check that everything is secured and walkways are clear.


Depending on when and where you’re filming, keeping sun or cold protection on hand can be a lifesaver. Keep watch on the weather forecast and only film when conditions are suited for it.


Items like lights and cameras can cause substantial injury if not handled correctly. Prevent burns and electrical injuries by making sure everyone knows about the hazards on a film set around this kind of equipment.

Special Effects

Audiences love a good chase scene or explosion, but these effects can be risky to perform. Make sure everyone knows when a car crash or firework is about to go off, and keep fire extinguishers and other safety equipment on hand.

Before injuries can occur, take steps to prevent common hazards. With the right foresight, you have less to worry about as you create your next film.