Find the Right Staffing Firm Insurance Coverage

Find the Right Staffing Firm Insurance Coverage

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Staffing firms can be exposed to unique risks. This may particularly be the case when a firm specializes in screening and providing workers ranging from entry-level all the way up to professionals in industries with unique exposures. The consequences of employee compliance and qualifications can be considered when it comes to placing workers in fields like healthcare, finance, or information technology. An experienced provider can help a firm obtain staffing insurance plans with appropriate endorsements and protections against risk.

Obtaining Basic Coverage

The right combination of staffing insurance coverage usually starts with general commercial and professional policies. These plans can help to protect the firm itself and extend down to error and omission coverage for workers placed by the firm. Staffing firms should try to protect against exposures related to the placement of workers, the work performed by these employees, and protection for any additional services that the firm provides.

Filling in Liability Gaps

Several aspects of staffing firm operations can expose these businesses to unique liabilities. A common gap can involve workers classified as temporary and therefore excluded from protection under most general liability plans. Working with an experienced staffing insurance provider can help a firm identify the best policies and endorsements that are necessary to achieve complete coverage.