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does flood insurance cover hurricanes

The Protection of Flood Insurance

The Protection of Flood Insurance

Damage to your home can come from many different methods, including floodwater. However, that doesn’t mean flooding is covered by traditional homeowner’s insurance, which means you should also have flood insurance. But, “Does flood insurance cover hurricanes?” As a matter of fact, yes, it does.

Flood Insurance Coverage

As a separate entity from homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance can be an added benefit to your policy if you live in flood zone areas. As little as one inch of standing water in your home can cause serious damage, but flood insurance can save your home and your finances while putting your mind at ease. Some people assume flood insurance is only for rainfall, but the truth is that it also covers hurricanes and the damage left behind. That is why it is so important for people who live in hurricane-prone areas to be properly prepared with the right insurance. Some areas of your home that are covered by flood insurance include the following:




Stay Safe When Waters Rise

So, does flood insurance cover hurricanes? Yes, it does. If you live in a high-risk area, you can be prepared for the worst by choosing flood insurance. That way, you can be ready to handle the damage if flood waters reach your home during hurricane season.