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Data breach insurance

Keeping Sensitive Data Protected With Insurance

A data breach is a serious matter. If the information that is confidential or protected is stolen, used, or viewed by an unauthorized person, it could do a lot of harm to your business. Data breach insurance can reduce the damage of cyber theft by minimizing the risk of lawsuits and lowering the costs of dealing with the issue.

Know What Is Covered

Knowing in advance what is covered can help you move quickly if a cyber-attack affects your company. There are a number of things that may be provided by your data breach insurance:

  • Reduction of media liability
  • Payment of legal costs
  • Coverage for public relations expenses to protect company reputation
  • Payment of expenses of connecting with and providing information to customers
  • Management of business assets
  • Payment for costs of interrupted business

Be Prepared

Businesses need to be prepared for the possibility of a cyber breach. Security measures such as employee training and attack response planning can be put into place. Keeping sensitive data secure is a challenging yet important part of your business. Putting into place network procedures and creating privacy policies is a must. Keeping track of the assets of the company and regularly backing up important data can help your company prepare and identify security issues.

Being aware of the possibility of a cyber attack and preparing for it are important aspects of your business plan. Data breach insurance is necessary to keep your business protected.