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Duncan Insurance

Criteria for Preferred Coverage Brokers

Sometimes discovering the origins of a company can further your confidence in their services or products. Knowing a company is family-owned and operated often brings thoughts of more personalized and friendly services. Each company is guided by core principles, and the team at Duncan Insurance is still holding strong to their founding values.

What Makes Them Different

There are many companies with a dedication to an exceptional customer experience, but a company on a client-centric mission will spell out the exact details and look for accountability. The values that offer a unique but superb experience include the following:

  • Behaving ethically and beyond reproach
  • Dealing fairly and honestly with each client
  • Improving the perception of the insurance industry
  • Exceeding the expectations of the client through policy coverage and cost options
  • Relying on facilities and technological tools to increase peak efficiency of staff
  • Representing respected and financially strong provider for best client coverage

What You Can Expect

When you speak to a broker concerning coverage, you can expect an attentive and experienced assessment of your situation. You will have access to a wide range of personal policies covering home, auto, renter or life insurance, or you may be in the market for a commercial liability policy. You can expect the same straightforward professional assistance regardless of the account size.

Duncan Insurance offers clients total account services, making your choice and continued coverage an easy and stress-free choice.