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Policies Every Convenience Store Owner Should Have

A convenience store is much more than a place to stop for gas. It provides the food, supplies and rests that any traveler needs. That is why it is important to protect your store with the best possible convenience store coverage. As detailed by Irving Weber Insurance, different policies can build a whole shield of safety that makes even the largest incident manageable.

Liquor Liability Coverage

A big part of your store’s sales is likely in the liquor department. Therefore, it only makes sense to acquire insurance that has your back when the liquor you sell causes some issue. For example, a client hurt themselves or damages a property due to the alcohol they consume from your store. A good liquor liability policy comes in to save the day to assist in the financial fallout of a lawsuit or medical issues.

Equipment Breakdown

There is no panic worse than having your refrigerators, soda machines and freezers breakdown. A policy like equipment breakdown coverage helps you with repairs or can even replace the item for you.


You have likely seen a crime or robbery occur at a convenience store every so often on the news. It is impossible to predict whether or not your store will be hit. Thankfully, crime insurance can help ease the stress and expenses of this type of incident.