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insurance tail coverage

When To Buy Tail Coverage Insurance

As a professional lawyer, doctor or real estate agent, you do what you can to protect yourself from legal liability. Unfortunately, with due care, you can’t avoid some errors and omissions. Therefore, you have an E&O section in your professional liability plan.

Boosting Your E&O Policy

Even though you have comprehensive E&O coverage, it may not be sufficient to protect you from some claims. With insurance tail coverage, you extend the reporting period of your existing package. While this coverage does not extend the E&O plan per se, it lengthens the time in which you may file a claim for an incident that occurred during the coverage period.

Planning for Your Future

If you move to a different practice, you want to be sure you have extended protection. You also want to safeguard your interests if you purchase a practice. Either way, insurance tail coverage may give you the peace of mind you need to grow your professional career in a responsible manner.

Working With the Best

When purchasing any type of professional liability coverage, you need the best help possible. An experienced agent can recommend coverage and discuss risks with you. With the right assistance, you choose a professional liability policy that works for you and your professional obligations.