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nursing facilities workers’ compensation

3 Best Traits of a Wholesale Workers’ Comp Provider

You want the best nursing facilities workers’ compensation coverage for your clients. Sometimes delivering quality policies is a challenge. For instance, factors such as ever-changing state regulations impact costs and plans. If your agency is in the market for a policy provider, consider partnering with a wholesaler. Don’t know how to choose the right one? There are three qualities to look for when conducting your research.

1. Specialization

Workers’ comp is a complex, fluctuating sector requiring a high degree of expertise. With that said, choose a provider who specializes in this field. The company can keep you posted on all the regulatory updates affecting coverage.

2. Responsive

Today’s insurance marketplace demands speed and quality service. The right wholesaler gives you the best of both worlds. Look for quick quote turnarounds, fast submissions and responsive customer service.

3. Access

An experienced workers’ comp wholesaler supports your marketing goals. Pay attention to a company’s carrier network, track record and industry reputation. Consider a company that has long-standing relationships with insurers. You’ll have a better chance of obtaining affordable policies. This includes cost-savings for retrospective ratings plans and large deductible plans.

Workers’ comp specialization, stellar customer service and carrier access are desirable traits. These are the qualities you need in a wholesale partner. Keep these in mind when it comes to nursing facilities workers’ compensation plans.