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Professional Liability Coverage Can Protect You From Disgruntled Clients and Candidates Alike

If you’re in the business of placing temporary and permanent staff with other companies, you know better than most just how risky of a business job placement is. Not only do you face legal claims from your clients, but you also face getting slapped by a lawsuit from a candidate that is dissatisfied with the company they were placed with. A candidate may even allege that you discriminated against them if they don’t get the job you contacted them about. To help ease the blow that a lawsuit can cause, invest in temporary staffing insurance today.

Temporary job placement insurance covers all risks associated with the staffing industry. From negligent hiring to discrimination, and claims of misrepresentation to failure to provide services promised, the industry is wrought with unique exposures not typically found in other industries. For this reason, it is essential that you work with an insurance company that specializes in your unique niche. A knowledgeable agent can assess the risks associated with your particular business and help you build the policy that will best negate liability.

Though you may always do the best that you can for clients and candidates alike, there will always be one or two individuals who walk away from your services dissatisfied. Make sure that those dissatisfied individuals don’t ruin your business, and get your temporary staffing insurance policy today.