CAB Reports Help Simplify Underwriting for the Trucking Industry

CAB Reports Help Simplify Underwriting for the Trucking Industry


Trucking companies and drivers have many considerations, including logistics and truck maintenance. Insurance coverage protects the finances and livelihood of haulage drivers and companies, and dependable agencies also check for issues such as duplicate VINs, or Vehicle Identification Numbers. If found, the agencies investigate further. Part of the investigative process involves referencing reports from the Central Analysis Bureau, or CAB. These verifications are important in multiple ways to the task of underwriting this industry’s insurance, as seen on

Keep Records Updated

If a CAB report signals shared information such as a VIN or physical address, fraud is not necessarily involved. Such duplications do, however, alert insurance carriers to examine records closely. Sometimes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, has outdated documents. Insurance company investigations prompt files to be kept current.

Improve Efficiency

When CAB reports find current records, the process of insurance underwriting becomes quicker and simpler. In turn, companies and drivers get insurance coverage so they can do their jobs. The entire trucking industry functions more effectively when one link in the process does not slow the entire operational chain.

Lessen Anxiety

Reports from CAB can help lessen the tension and anxiety for truck drivers and companies. When they understand the information CAB reports gather, they can take steps to address potential risks before applying for coverage.

Accurate CAB reports benefit both insurance underwriters and trucking companies and carriers. Underwriters feel safe with the risks they are taking on, and companies and drivers feel secure knowing they have the insurance they need.