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High-Value Home

Protect Your High-Value Home

If your home is pricier than the average home, basic home insurance may not entirely meet your needs. This is where high-value insurance comes in. It offers extended coverage for more expensive homes.

Is My Home High Value?

Generally speaking, homes nearing or over $750,000 are considered high value. Dealing with damage, theft or even replacement is extraordinarily difficult with homes in this price range, so these homes should be insured properly.

What’s Covered?

Every provider is different, but most companies that offer high-value insurance policies offer a variety of additional coverages. Some additional perks of a policy such as this could include:

  • Jewelry theft coverage
  • Watercraft theft coverage
  • Sewer and pipe backup coverage
  • Identity theft coverage
  • Coverage for additional living expenses
  • High liability limits
  • Flood insurance

What Are Umbrella Policies?

Many companies that offer insurance to high-value homeowners also offer umbrella policies to protect personal assets. This is considered excess liability coverage and is only utilized after the liability limits of the initial policy are met or exceeded.

If you own an expensive home, you should ensure that your property and assets are adequately protected. You can do so by finding a reputable company that offers quality insurance, so you can rest easy knowing your assets are covered.