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Physical Therapy and Home Health Care

Physical therapy is an important part healthcare. It can help people to recover from an acute injury, deal with chronic pain, and also strength and mobility as they get older. Getting to physical therapy appointments can be problematic for some individuals with chronic health conditions. Bringing physical therapy directly into one’s home can facilitate access to therapy and encourage people to keep up with it consistently.

The Benefits of Integrating Physical Therapy Into Home Health Care

Physical therapy and home health go hand in hand because many individuals who need home health care have mobility limitations or chronic pain which physical therapy can help to address. When a home health care agency can provide physical therapy services in an individual’s home, it can help to establish a continuity of care. A physical therapy regimen can become a part of an ongoing care plan, and a certified physical therapist can closely monitor an individual’s physical condition as well as certain medical needs.

Medicare and Physical Therapy

Medicare can provide coverage for in-home physical therapy. A patient must a have a demonstrable medical need for the therapy, which is typically confirmed by a primary care physician or a referring specialist.

Working with a certified physical therapist can offer many appreciable health advantages. It’s advisable for individuals who receive home care to work with an agency that is certified to provide this specialized service.