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Why You Need a Return to Work Program

Following a worker’s injury, a return to work (RTW) program is vital to getting a recovered employee back to work safely and efficiently. An effective RTW program benefits both the employer and the employee.

It is critical that you work with an insurance company that is familiar with Workers Comp claims and RTW insurance and understands how to ensure the company and the employee are taken care of. Caitlin Morgan Insurance suggests that a return to work program can reduce the risk of you losing a valuable employee after an injury and extended recovery. This saves you time and money as an employer because you retain your experienced employees and don’t have to re-hire and re-train a new team member. A return to work program also shows your employees that you value them. This increases the employer-employee relations and helps increases their productivity upon return. A successful RTW program is truly a win-win situation because the employee gets back to work sooner and can feel more connected with team members and is less likely to lose their skills and financial security.

No one wants an injury while on the job. It can cause stress and frustration for both the employer and the employee. Take some of the angst out of workers’ comp claims by implementing a well-planned return to work program. You’ll find the benefits to both parties are immeasurable.

Inland Marine Insurance

Understanding Inland Marine Insurance

When looking at a list of possible insurance options, you may disregard inland marine insurance because you believe the coverage has to do with water, but it does not. The coverage is specifically designed for companies transporting goods, equipment, and materials overland by train, semi, truck, or carrier.

Business Protection

If your business ships equipment or products to different locations, or stores goods in a warehouse owned by a third party, inland marine insurance can cover you. Since basic coverage of property often excludes high-value items, equipment, or manufactured goods, this type of insurance can be especially valuable. Do you travel to trade shows around the world with a booth full of items or have valuable band equipment and stage supplies you travel with across the country? IMI is perfect for your business needs. It can cover scientific equipment, electronic items, networking products, construction gear, and medical paraphernalia.

Business Coverage

According to, you never know when your tools, equipment, or products will be stolen or when the vehicle transporting the items will be in a collision. Providing coverage against property loss is what an inland marine policy is all about. If you own a warehouse that moves products in and out frequently, look to IMI for protection.

To better understand what your insurance needs are, contact an insurance professional. Don’t forget to ask about add-on policies for extra coverage.

Need for Risk Management

Recognize Your Company’s Need for Risk Management

Recognize Your Company’s Need for Risk Management

Businesses encounter risks and exposure based on the nature of operations and the actions of employees. While carrying a solid insurance plan is one way to minimize the financial effects of an incident that creates a loss, conducting a risk assessment and management plan is what the experts at recommend for reducing the number of incidents that may occur.

Areas of Risk

Some industries have a higher risk than others and in more sensitive areas. The finance industry has to contend with threats of employee theft, fraud, and issues with cybersecurity. Those who work in manufacturing deal with safety concerns for their employees, but also the potential for product malfunction or defect. A risk assessment recognized these areas of exposure, then develops strategies to address them. In manufacturing, it could be establishing more rigorous manufacturing job training programs. In the financial sector, strong firewalls and security protocols could be the answer.

How to Develop a Plan

Risk management programs are often used in conjunction with comprehensive insurance plans. Many insurance providers are able to help craft a risk response, and in doing so, it could help lower your premium costs. If you want to conduct a risk management assessment, make sure it is done systematically and thoroughly. Also, establish a process for recording the results and continually reviewing them in order to evaluate how much progress your company is making.

classic car insurance

Classic and Vintage Cars: What Is the Difference?

Are you interested in old car collection? Then you will need to familiarize yourself with many concepts and terms. As you enter this world, you might hear the terms “classic cars” and “vintage cars.” Even though they sound interchangeable, they have significant differences. Find out more about vintage vs classic cars and why those differences matter.

Classic Cars

Classic cars are newer than their category implies. A vehicle considered classic needs to be at least 20 years old. Organizations such as the Classic Car Club of America have greater restrictions. They believe a classic car must be created around 1915-1948, stay unmodified and be maintained to high standards set by the manufacturer’s specs.

Vintage Cars

The term “vintage car” is applied to old cars, but it covers a specific car category. Vintage cars were created around 1919-1930, the time period after World War I. They are sometimes associated with pre-war cars, but some of those cars were manufactured up to 1939.

The Importance 

Some insurance providers follow these differences, so it is important to learn them when insuring vehicles. However, indicates that many companies also use those terms without distinction or have their own specific definitions. You will need to stay flexible and adapt to their terms.

Classic and vintage cars may mean the same to most people or insurers, but they have their distinctions. Learn the differences to show your expertise and choose the right insurance plan.

The Importance of Keeping Your Toys Safe

Whether you get a thrill out of riding your motorcycle or taking your boat out on the water, these valuable possessions are an essential part of your lifestyle. To enjoy them to the fullest, it’s crucial to keep them properly protected. Here is what you should look for if you’re seeking reliable coverage for your toys.

Injury or Damage

An integral part of any toy insurance policy is liability coverage. Liability typically includes bodily injury and property damage that may have resulted from the use of your toys. In many cases, this type of coverage can be catered to the specific type of toy you have.

Medical Payments

If you ever experience an off-road accident while using one of your vehicles, you can be protected with the right coverage. The firm David Sayles Insurance reports that any medical payments that may result from medical care after an accident can be covered by a toy insurance policy. As a result, you can have peace of mind if anything goes wrong while using your vehicle.

Damage to the Vehicle

It’s also vital to ensure that the toy itself is well protected. With comprehensive coverage, you can keep your toy safe if any of the following events occurs:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

There are many different circumstances that may pose a threat to your vehicle. Fortunately, you can know that everything is under control when you choose the toy insurance policy that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

Irving Weber Associates

Lean on Clean

There’s a reason that gossip is called “dirty laundry;” laundry is gross! If you think about how many different germs we come into contact with every single day, imagine how dirty our clothes are. Thankfully, you’re the owner of a laundromat that has great service, is affordable and overall a nice place to do laundry. If you’ve tried the traditional strategies in marketing for laundromats, why not market your facility’s high cleanliness standards as a major selling point?

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

The pros at Irving Weber Associates, Inc. state that you need to show your audience how you differ from the competition. One major thing that you can do to prove that your facility is one of the most sanitary is to put your money where your mouth is. Make and stick to a strict cleaning schedule:
Sanitize the insides and outsides of washers and dryers
Sweep and mop the floors, especially if there is spilled detergent or fabric softener that could cause a slipping hazard
Dust and clean out dryer vents, making sure that lint is properly disposed of
If you think that small touches don’t make a difference, think again. Clients notice the little things that business owners do to maintain a sanitary environment. When you’re marketing your business, use your good cleanliness habits as your gold star.

Irving Weber Insurance

Policies Every Convenience Store Owner Should Have

A convenience store is much more than a place to stop for gas. It provides the food, supplies and rests that any traveler needs. That is why it is important to protect your store with the best possible convenience store coverage. As detailed by Irving Weber Insurance, different policies can build a whole shield of safety that makes even the largest incident manageable.

Liquor Liability Coverage

A big part of your store’s sales is likely in the liquor department. Therefore, it only makes sense to acquire insurance that has your back when the liquor you sell causes some issue. For example, a client hurt themselves or damages a property due to the alcohol they consume from your store. A good liquor liability policy comes in to save the day to assist in the financial fallout of a lawsuit or medical issues.

Equipment Breakdown

There is no panic worse than having your refrigerators, soda machines and freezers breakdown. A policy like equipment breakdown coverage helps you with repairs or can even replace the item for you.


You have likely seen a crime or robbery occur at a convenience store every so often on the news. It is impossible to predict whether or not your store will be hit. Thankfully, crime insurance can help ease the stress and expenses of this type of incident.

allegiant insurance customer service

Personalized Coverage Thanks To Personal Care

Obtaining insurance can be a complex and confusing process. With industry jargon and complicated fine print, it is no wonder that many settle on whatever policy their insurer offers them. Unfortunately, that can mean expensive rates for weak protection. Allegiant is here to change that. We base our service on the needs of the client and not the needs of our bank accounts. Thanks to Allegiant Insurance customer service, our clients receive the protection they deserve.

Analyzing Your Needs

Our team can give you the policies that work best for you because they analyze your situation carefully and asses your risks. We know each client is different. That is why we make an effort to build a plan that is unique and that includes coverage they need. We make your protection fit around you and not the other way around.

A Caring Approach

Dealing with an agency can be stressful and intimidating. However, here at Allegiant, our team members provide a caring and understanding experience that stands out from other agencies. We make getting insurance easier with our wonderful and kind staff.

We believe active insurance starts with excellent customer care. Experience fantastic Allegiant Insurance customer service for yourself by reaching us online, on the phone or in person.

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Breaking Down Insurance Coverages For Independent Consultants

Signing up for insurance is one of the least-discussed aspects of entrepreneurship. Everyone focuses on income and expenses, but rarely is insurance discussed, even with the potential for your business to be sabotaged without it. If you’re interested in starting an independent consulting firm, Albuquerque insurance agencies are ready to help you. Here’s what you should know about the most basic coverages that will serve as the foundation of your policy for your independent consulting business.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability covers you in case a client files a lawsuit claiming that they experienced a loss because of an error or omission on your part. Your policy would cover your attorneys’ fees as well as judgments and settlements.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is more of broad coverage in that it covers third-party claims related to injury or property damage caused by your business. Once again, if a lawsuit is filed, your policy will be available to cover your legal expenses.

Property Insurance

As the name implies, property insurance protects your business property against loss or damage. Items that can be covered under your policy include your building and landscaping, furniture, equipment and even digital assets. Your property will cover the cost to repair or replace these items in case of a fire, inevitable storms, theft or vandalism.

There are plenty of other coverages to choose from depending on your needs. The best Albuquerque insurance agencies will be willing to customize their offerings to meet your demands.

cyber risk insurance

Insurance for Cyber Security Attacks

Insurance for Cyber Security Attacks

In today’s world, businesses are exposed to cybersecurity risks more than ever before. As such, insurance companies began providing cyber risk insurance to help companies recover from cyber attacks and data breaches.

The Dangers of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks or data breaches occur when someone finds a way into your network and breaches your security. From there, the hacker can steal information, delete files and even download viruses that can damage your systems. Some of the results of a cyber attack include the following:

Leaked or stolen customer data
Identity theft
Malicious software viruses
Lost information
Business interruptions
Heavy legal fees
A regulatory investigation

The Protection of Cyber Insurance

Having cyber insurance for your business means you understand the dangers of a data breach and want to be prepared. Cyber risk insurance covers the following if an attack occurs:

Customer notification in the event of a breach
Legal and regulatory fines
Public relations costs
Credit monitoring expenses

Protection for the Unexpected

To protect your business and your clients, you need cyber risk insurance. That way, you can be prepared for an attack even if you don’t know when or if it might happen. However, taking this step and adding cyber insurance to your business policy means you are serious about protecting your business and customer information.