Category: Volunteer Background Check


Finding Trustworthy Help for Your Nonprofit

There are millions of volunteers that donate their time and skills to help American communities through times of challenge. Though your nonprofit is doing the world a great deal of good, there are many reports of volunteers that have taken advantage of their positive to gain access to money, resources, or individuals for their own criminal activities. One terrible situation or incident can ruin your operation. It is highly recommended that you conduct a volunteer background check on every individual that applies to work with your organization.

Confidence in Your Partners

By spending the time and money to thoroughly vet your volunteers, you can be more confident in those who are representing your organization. There are three key reasons for making sure each volunteer has had a background check conducted.

  1. Legal requirements. Your local government may have regulations requiring that volunteers in certain areas be vetted through a background check. This is especially the case in working with vulnerable populations.
  2. Public safety. Protecting others- those you help and those that work with you- is the primary reason to conduct background checks.
  3. Reputation Management. Knowing your volunteers can keep you from inadvertently letting an embezzler have access to company funding. High-level donors want to trust the organization, so reputation management may be crucial for funding ventures.

The small cost to make sure your volunteers are credible and trustworthy will go a long way in promoting your organization’s mission and operations.