Injury Prevention in Manufacturing

Injury Prevention in Manufacturing

Companies that manufacture any type of product need to be conscientious about preventing employee injuries. While some types of manufacturing activities are more hazardous than others, virtually every type of work in this field involves some element of risk. Here are some ways that employers can help keep their workers safe on-the-job.

Inspect Equipment and Perform Preventative Maintenance Regularly

Many injuries in manufacturing are the result of equipment malfunction. It is important for companies to establish a set schedule for inspecting and maintaining equipment. Likewise, there needs to be clear protocols for how employees should report problems and who is responsible for addressing them.

Train Staff Thoroughly

Training is a crucial component of an accident prevention plan. Educating a workforce about how to perform tasks safety equips them to avoid potentially serious accidents.

Invest in Ergonomics

Jobs in manufacturing typically require employees to repeat the same movements throughout their workday. A lot of injuries that employees sustain in these roles are not caused by accidents but rather by repetitive motion strain. Making working conditions more ergonomic can mitigate the risk of this common type of injury.

A safe and healthy workforce is the foundation of all operations in the manufacturing industry. Making safety a priority helps to promote a positive company culture, and it protects companies against liability and loss.