Navigating the Aftermath of an Accident on a Construction Site

Navigating the Aftermath of an Accident on a Construction Site

Worker safety needs to be one of a project manager’s biggest priorities on a construction site. It is important that they take measures to prevent accidents and be ready to address them when they occur.

Administer First Aid

Workers need to know where first aid equipment is located so they can respond quickly to a construction site injury. Kits should include essential items such as bandages and eyewash.

Document an Injury

As soon as reasonably possible, project managers should complete an accident or incident report to document what happened. Documentation of some injuries must be relayed to OSHA in accordance with applicable state law.

Notify Insurers

Many company’s insurance policies require them to provide notice of an accident to the carrier. Companies should put carriers on notice of a potential claim in order to assure coverage.

Evaluate Training Procedures

In some instances, accidents will be the result of human error and there is not anything that companies must do to address unsafe conditions. However, they may need to consider enhancing safety training initiatives to reduce the likelihood of the same type of accident happening again.

Having a plan in place to respond to accidents is critical. Project managers should review their current policies and procedures to identify any potential deficiencies.