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Ghost Payroll

How To Tell if Your Business Is Haunted

Imagine a place where mysterious people move unseen, signatures appear out of nowhere and you are troubled by a nagging feeling that something is not quite right. No, it’s not a haunted house. It’s your business, or at least it could be if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a special type of fraud called “ghost employees.”

Who Are Ghost Employees?

Ghost employees are not actually employees at all. They have names and receive paychecks but do not really come to work. They are fictitious creations made by a real employee who then pockets their real money every payday.

How To Know if You Are a Victim

Do the following to determine whether you have been a victim of a ghost employee scheme:

  • Create an opportunity to meet all your employees face-to-face, and determine whether any are missing.
  • Check payroll documents for irregularities.
  • Check bank statements to see if any paychecks have been signed over to someone else.
  • Give special attention to records kept by managers or payroll employees whose work is generally unsupervised.

A study reported by the insurance firm www.wwspi.com/ found 27% of businesses were impacted by a ghost employee scheme. If you discover you are one of them, you won’t need an exorcist to cast out your ghosts. You will need crime insurance. A good policy can be like a night light to keep the ghosts away.

Fuel Distributor Insurance

What Counts as a Fuel Distributor Business?

Fuel dealers go beyond the large corporations such as ExxonMobile. While these companies need fuel distributor insurance, there are nearly 8,000 companies in the United States. These companies distribute a variety of fuel to power the economy.

Business Details

Both homes and businesses use fuel to power their buildings from heating to running large machinery. A fuel distributor sells and delivers the necessary fuel. This fuel includes standard gasoline but also propane, natural gas, fuel oil, and kerosene.

Fuel Delivery

Companies deliver fuel in large tanker trucks traveling across towns, states and the country. Some fuel is delivered via pipes and ships. Natural gas, in particular, is often transported through steel pipers on a network similar to the highway system. Distribution businesses are often found online showcasing their pricing, location, and availability.

Exposure Coverage

As seen on https://www.tangramins.com/, this niche has specific risks needing tailored insurance products to address those exposures. A disaster can cause a significant problem for a fuel distributor making insurance necessary for protecting the financial assets of the business. Standard policies include contents coverage, auto insurance, and building coverage.

Fuel distributor insurance needs to cover the variety of risks facing these companies from the environmental impact of a spill to the economic loss of income following a disaster. The right insurance carrier delivers the coverage you need to keep your business growing.

cargo insurance quote

How to Get a Great Deal on Cargo Insurance

How to Get a Great Deal on Cargo Insurance

With so many insurance companies in the world today, it can be complicated to determine which policy plans are best suited to your needs. Some providers may offer good deals on one element of your cargo business, while others have the options of various comprehensive plans. If you are searching for a cargo insurance quote for your business, do not get discouraged. By considering the unique needs of your particular business, you can find the right insurance plan for your company.

The State of Your Business

Think about your cargo transportation operation as it is now. Gather information regarding employees, the fleet of vehicles and what kind of cargo you transport. Next, make a growth trajectory for where you would like the business to be in the future. Evaluate how your needs might change. Ask yourself if you will still move the same type of goods and if you want the company to increase in size. These statistics will come in handy when you meet with insurance brokers to get a cargo insurance quote.

Insurance costs can vary wildly between insurance providers based upon the facts and figures of a transportation company. By preparing yourself with the relevant data, you can make informed decisions and choose the most beneficial cargo insurance quote for your future success.