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Cyber Liability

Understanding Cyber Liability

It’s almost impossible to find a business that doesn’t have some kind of online operation these days, even if it’s just a web and social media presence for marketing. More and more companies are going significantly further than that, though, providing platforms where customers can maintain profile information and place orders for goods and services, call for support for previous purchases, or request custom work. As these platforms develop, businesses that uses them to streamline the customer experience wind up facing liability for situations where their data is compromised by cybercrime in a way that results in damage to customers or even the business itself.

How To Buy Cyber Liability Insurance

Whenever you’re considering insurance options for online risks, it’s important to remember that most businesses incur both first and third party liability. That means you need insurance that addresses both risks realistically, and the balance of coverage needs between the two can differ widely from company to company, based on their actual online activities. That’s why it’s important you work with an insurer who understands first party vs. third party cyber insurance, one who can build a custom policy with coverage levels that suit your needs, without forcing you to over-insure one form of liability to get ample coverage on another front.

action entertainment insurance

Risks and Liabilities of Action and Adventure Filmmaking

Everyone loves a good action adventure film. Production companies invest millions of dollars to create them and can spend millions more on publicity to build up the hype about the next big blockbuster. And sure enough, movie theaters are often at maximum capacity on opening night. Action films can be exceptionally successful and profitable, and can even lead to franchise opportunities. However, if you don’t have the proper action entertainment insurance you could lose everything in one unforeseen accident.

Insurance: Beyond the Basics

If you’re in the action adventure film business, you unequivocally want to carry action entertainment insurance. At an absolute bare minimum, you will need to make sure you have a good commercial general liability policy and substantial workers’ compensation coverage. Beyond those two basic policies, though, there are several different policies that you may want to look into – depending on the nature of what you’re filming. You should take a look at your highest risks and liabilities and obtain the best kind of coverage to protect you from any unforeseen issues in those areas. Some additional types of action film-related insurance coverage may include:

Stunts and scenes

Environmental liability

Performance disruption

Cyber liability

Media liability

Commercial auto



Whatever kind of coverage you think you should obtain, it’s always best to speak to an insurance provider to get professional advice.