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Do You Have Gaps in Your Insurance Coverage?

Homeowners insurance and auto insurance are designed to protect your biggest assets. When was the last time you checked exactly what was covered under your policies? Homeowners insurance often excludes flood damage, and your auto insurance may not cover significant medical bills or property damage. Is it time for a review of your policies with your insurance agent in New Mexico to find out what your insurance policy may not cover?

Understand That Needs May Change

Your insurance needs can change over time. Kids grow up and move out, but you may still have them on your policy. Maybe you made some improvements or renovations that increased the value of your house. Did you inherit some valuable antiques that increase the value of the contents of your home? Fun toys, such as ATVs, trampolines and pools, often increase your potential liability, potentially making an umbrella policy a better option. You should ask your insurance agent in New Mexico about added insurance to ensure your assets are protected.

Take Time To Annually Review Your Insurance

Being underinsured can be just as bad as not having any insurance. Reviewing your policies each year can help you understand what isn’t covered under your policy to give you choices about whether you need additional insurance.