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Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance That Includes Your Subcontractors

Construction is one of the most complex industries for operators to flourish in, partly because of the nature of financing large-scale development projects, but also because of its unique reliance on a network of contractors and subcontractors to carry out specialized work in service of those goals. That’s why subcontractor liability insurance is such a vital addition to your coverage. The right insurance policy will not only cover you when you are liable for situations like on-site injuries, it will also help you mitigate the liabilities you are exposed to when others do work on your behalf, all while making it limitations and exclusions easy for you to parse as you figure out how to approach your next big project.

What Goes Into Subcontractor Liability Policies?

If your coverage is going to take care of all the avenues of foreseeable risk that typically show up in construction businesses that rely on subcontractors, you’ll need a few common policy platforms, as well as the customized coverage that reflects your actual assets and business model. As https://www.huntersure.com/ explains:

  • Subcontractor-inclusive general liability provisions
  • E&O coverage that explicitly includes subcontractor work

In addition to those provisions, experienced insurance agents who understand the construction industry will give you the tools and information you need to work with your subcontractors so you both understand how your insurance coverage works and what you need. Subcontractors still need their own policies, and your coverage will assume that, but an experienced professional will help you understand when their insurance is adequate and when you need to request they carry additional coverage.

Commercial Laundry Insurance

Important Insurance Needs Most Businesses Overlook

If you own a commercial laundry business, you have a lot to think about when it comes to the right insurance. Everything from customer’s expensive garments to the indispensable equipment for your business – there’s a lot at stake. Fortunately, the right I can cover all your business needs. While you may already know about general liability and equipment coverage, there may be some other important areas that you’ve missed when it comes to commercial laundry insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance

An unexpected event can strike without warning and cause you to shut down your business for a time. With this type of insurance, you won’t have to worry about lost revenue. Based on your previous records, you will be provided with a temporary income stream.

Employment Practices Liability Coverage

If you run the show by yourself, you typically won’t have to worry about this type of insurance. If you’ve ever had employees, however, this provides protection in the event that you are sued by one of them. According to https://www.iwains.com, there are guidelines who can help you find and hire the right employee. Even then, however, there’s no guarantee that you will never face a lawsuit.

Worker’s Compensation 

If you have employees, most states will require that you have some sort of worker’s compensation plan. This helps pay lost wages and medical costs for employees who are injured on the job.

No matter what type of business you own – coin-op or dry cleaning – you want to make sure your business is completely protected.

car insurance companies in ct

Top 3 Tips to Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy

Top 3 Tips to Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy

The rule is simple. If you own a car, you need car insurance. While it’s as simple as that, in most cases, finding the right insurance policy is the difficult decision. Here are three tips to choosing the best policy from car insurance companies in CT.

Do a Rate Check

Always do your research first. Check rates from other companies to make sure that you have the best deal. You can use a variety of different rate comparison tools to find out if you’re getting the rate that you deserve.

Pick a Top Insurance Company

The insurance company matters. Make sure that you pick an insurer who has a high rating and comes recommended. You can ask around and check online to confirm a company’s reputation to make sure that you are getting a good deal.

Look for Discounts

No matter what type of insurance you’re buying, always pay attention to discounts. Many lower risk drivers are qualified for different discounts. In addition, if you have anti-theft or safety equipment, it might make you qualified for discounts.

With a few simple tips, it should be easy to get the most out of your car insurance companies in CT. You don’t want to pay too much for insurance coverage that you need. You can’t say no to car insurance but you can find a good deal.