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Insurance programs for adult clubs

What Types of Insurance Do Adult Clubs Need?

Night clubs and adult clubs need different types of insurance coverage than your average venue. This is because you have drinking, dancing and crowds filling the building every evening. You can find insurance programs for adult clubs to help tailor the coverage you offer your clients. This can help give them more peace of mind in daily business activities.

General Liability

Most businesses will need some sort of general liability coverage for any accidents which happen to customers or staff while on the premises. When you add the elements of an adult club, you will want to make sure that this coverage includes food, beverages and falls.

Dancing and Drinking

Both the dancers and the customers at adult clubs will need to have coverage for falling accidents and incidents involving food and beverages. If the business serves alcoholic beverages, then it will need to be covered for that as well. By finding a broker with experience working with this type of company can really help you find the right coverage for your clients.

Insurance programs for adult clubs can cover everything from general liability to liabilities stemming from food and alcoholic beverages being served on the premises. You can find a multitude of brokers through specialty insurance markets to help you choose the right packages for your clients.