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Lean on Clean

There’s a reason that gossip is called “dirty laundry;” laundry is gross! If you think about how many different germs we come into contact with every single day, imagine how dirty our clothes are. Thankfully, you’re the owner of a laundromat that has great service, is affordable and overall a nice place to do laundry. If you’ve tried the traditional strategies in marketing for laundromats, why not market your facility’s high cleanliness standards as a major selling point?

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

The pros at Irving Weber Associates, Inc. state that you need to show your audience how you differ from the competition. One major thing that you can do to prove that your facility is one of the most sanitary is to put your money where your mouth is. Make and stick to a strict cleaning schedule:
Sanitize the insides and outsides of washers and dryers
Sweep and mop the floors, especially if there is spilled detergent or fabric softener that could cause a slipping hazard
Dust and clean out dryer vents, making sure that lint is properly disposed of
If you think that small touches don’t make a difference, think again. Clients notice the little things that business owners do to maintain a sanitary environment. When you’re marketing your business, use your good cleanliness habits as your gold star.