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The Importance of Having a Sexual Abuse Liability Policy

No business owner likes to think about his or her employees committing acts of sexual misconduct. It does happen, however, and if it happens in your company, you need to be prepared with the right insurance coverage. As indicated on https://www.wwspi.com/, your general liability policy is likely to have exclusions for sexual abuse and related offenses. You need a separate policy to protect yourself and your company from such allegations.

What It Covers

Sexual misconduct insurance can cover the cost of lawsuits brought against your company for a broad range of behaviors:

Inappropriate requests
The use of sexually charged language
Hiring practices
Failure to report observed sexual misconduct

If someone brings a lawsuit against your company and you are not protected by the right insurance policy, you could lose a devastating amount of money.

Additional Fallout

Allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse can also take a toll on your company’s reputation. While you cannot control your employees’ behavior, you may be able to reduce the chances of an occurrence by providing training. Talking to your employees about actions that constitute sexual misconduct and the ramifications of committing these acts makes the expectations clear.
Your insurance company may work with you to provide coverage as well as advise on training that is right for your business. Don’t just assume sexual misconduct won’t happen; be prepared if it does.