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Transportation liability programs

What Kind of Liability Programs Are Available?

There are many types of liability insurance in the transportation industry. Instead of spending time choosing which kinds you should or should not get, you can take advantage of the programs already available. Most agencies offer insurance packaged into different programs, such as the trucking, cargo, physical damage, cyber and more. Some of these programs operate under different names depending on the agency offering them, but all have similar components.

Trucking programs offer different types of liability insurance. For example, they can offer general and auto liability, as well as physical damage and trailer exchanges. Some trucking programs are open to new businesses while others are available chiefly to businesses that have had more than a few years of trucking operations. Cargo insurance programs offer debris removal and normally have a freight limit. Cyber programs protect business information such as customer or employee credit card numbers from online theft or data breaches. Physical damage programs offer vehicle protection in the case of fire, theft or a collision. There are also programs that are specially designed for certain transportation markets, such as contractors. Contractor programs are aimed towards developers, commercial property builders and custom property builders. They are designed for those specific businesses in mind.

Transportation liability programs can range from the type of coverage you’re interested in to the type of transportation business you own. Most of these programs have their own set of requirements and are only available to certain locations, so it is always worth brushing up on what is available and what would work best for you.