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Wholesale hospice liability insurance

Protecting Hospice Providers

End-of-life care, whether in a facility or in patients homes, is fraught with challenges. Wholesale hospice liability insurance exists to help eliminate one of those challenges, by providing insurance solutions to hospice agencies that let them focus on patient care and family support.

What Should Insurance Cover?

Given the huge range of services offered by hospice providers, liability policies need to cover a variety of risks. Each program is unique, but almost every provider will need coverage against:

  • professional and medical liability
  • claims of errors, omissions, and negligence by hospice providers
  • allegations of fraud, billing abuse, or financial impropriety
  • claims brought by employees or former employees

Challenges of Hospice

In the last 5 years, more than 3,200 claims have been filed against hospice agencies. Unlike traditional medical care, hospice and palliative care are more flexible and specific to individual patients. While this may be a great advantage in providing optimum care, it also leaves more room for second-guessing. Emotional and psychosocial care for patients, or grief and bereavement support for families, are not exact sciences; well-intentioned choices may be misconstrued. Given the range of patients they see, it is almost inevitable that hospice workers will sometimes struggle to provide exactly what patients and their families are hoping for.

Wholesale hospice liability insurance is there to make sure that every hospice provider has access to a high-quality, affordable policy that will offer appropriate coverage for the services they offer.