What is Maritime Employers Liability?

What is Maritime Employers Liability?

Merrimac Marine

Operating a business that involves boats can create an array of unique risks for your company. Insurance needs vary greatly with maritime organizations, meaning you need to give yourself time to investigate the ins and outs of your options. One area to focus on is Maritime Employers Liability. Also known as MEL, this is a service that can be a huge asset when it comes to providing your clients and employees with an extra level of protection.

Unique Risks

The experts at Merrimac Marine have reported that there are a number of key areas business owners need to understand when selecting this type of coverage. For one, this is a policy that will protect employees even when they are on boats owned by others. When you work with a lot of clients, this type of protection can be a huge help. Workers who should consider this type of protection include:
Artisan contractors
Scientific researchers
Drilling workers
Marine construction workers

Assess Your Needs

Assessing the specific risks posed to your business can be a smart way to go about selecting the right coverage. In order to provide the right level of protection to your employees, give yourself time to look over the unique issues that might arise for your business and your employees. This will help guide you to a policy that can offer you comprehensive coverage against the unknown.